I'm AJ Tovell

A little about me...
Art has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. I've been drawing since I was 3 years-old and my passion for creating and watching cartoons still burns strong today. This comes in handy since I'm a father of four. 
Graphic Design has ultimately become my craft to master. I can design all types of published and/or digital material, from flyers to lengthy multi-page spreads. I design logos, business cards, media presentations, and a plethora of other marketing materials. Branding guidelines can make a difference when creating a visual identity. I can articulate what this can look like and customize the brand to the client's specifications. 
William Rainey Harper College 
Graphic Arts Web Design Certificate (May, 2022)
The Illinois Institute of Art
Bachelor of Fine Arts, Media Arts & Animation (Sept, 2002)

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